The Best Way to Improve Your Outfit Using Collar E

Collar extender becomes a great solution for you who found that there is tight room in your collar or waist which makes you uncomfortable. Good quality of extender will provide more room in the collar or waist so that you can wear your shirt more comfortable again. Then, how can you use this extender in the right way?

The Best Ways to Use an Extender for Collar

To use an extender for your collar is actually simple. In fact, it can be a simple way to improve your outfit while adding a touch of elegance in your style as well. In this article, we are going to learn more about what it is, how you can use the extender and the right step-by-step for wearing it.

What Is an Extender for Collar Actually?

If you are not familiar with shirt collar extender yet, it is actually one of the accessories which are used to add some free space to a tight collar. In this case, it makes you possible to get a personalized fit for your favorite dress shirts. It becomes a solution for most dress shirt which can get smaller over time.

Ways to Wear Your Extender

Actually, there are a few ways to wear this extender in your everyday life. When it can become a trendy accessory to improve your style, you will want to know some of the best ways to take advantage of this accessory to its finest. That is why we present you the three best ways to use an extender.

  1. Use the extender without a tie

When collar extenders are commonly used to make it comfortable for you to wear a tie, you can actually wear it without a tie too. Instead of hiding the extender in your shirt, it is perfect to make it stand out as another fashion item which attracts the eye. For this reason, you can consider buying a stylish extender one.

  1. Use the extender for your shirt cuff

If you love cufflinks, this idea will be perfect for you. We cannot deny that many shirts make it impossible to wear them with cufflinks. Thanks to the extender, you have a simple and more elegant way to use them. You can wear the extender for your shirt cuff and create a classier look in your style.

  1. Match the extender with your favorite tie

When we are talking about shirt collar expander, we should not forget that it can be perfect to be used along with your favorite tie. You will only need a matching tie to enhance your look. It will not only make you convenient in wearing the tie but also make your appearance more sophisticated.

How to Wear Your Extender

The last, how do you wear the extender properly? Actually, it is highly simple to wear your extender. You just need to take the extender out of its packaging and then clip it on your shirt collar. After that, you have your shirt collar more comfortable to wear thanks to the collar button extender.

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