How to Install a Storage Hook in a Few Steps

Installing utility hooks for garage can be a great way to increase your garage’s functionality. A variety of hooks and hangers are available on the market to help you organize your tools and supplies properly. Installing one or two hooks is not only helpful to organize your things but also to maximize your garage storage fast and easily.

How to Properly Install a Hook in the Garage

Before you can hang something on your garage’s wall, you should get the right hook first. When buying a hook or hanger for your garage, you should remember that some hooks are dedicated to lightweight items while others can be used for heavier things. In this article, we are going to show you how to install the hook properly.

Step by Step for Installing a Hook in the Garage

Since there are several types of garage wall storage hooks that you can find on the market, we will show you how to install each of them into a plasterboard wall. Your hooks or hangers typically have included screws and anchors to install them properly on the wall. You will only need to prepare for stud finder and a drill.

Step #1: Find the stud on your wall

If you are going to install hooks or hangers which are designed particularly to go into plasterboard, you need to find your wall stud first. However, how can we find the stud? You can use a stud finder to help you locate the stud and avoid drilling and installing your hooks into the stud which is inside the wall.

Step #2: Install a hook with plastic casing

If you have garage storage hangers with plastic casing, you should begin by installing the plastic casing which holds the screw in position. You can simply use a drill or a screwdriver to screw the casing straightaway into the wall. After that, screw the hook screw into the plastic casing. This kind of hook is ideal for hanging lightweight items.

Step #3: Install a hook with metal casing

For a bit more strength, you can make use of a metal casing to install your hooks. Similar to the way you install it with the plastic casing; you need to screw the metal casing into the wall. After that, you can screw the screw of your hook into the metal casing. Make sure to tighten the screw properly.

Step #4: Install a toggle hook

In case you get utility hangers which come in toggle variety, you can start by pre-drilling a hole on the wall. Make sure to avoid the stud on the wall. After that, screw your hook or hanger into the hole you have made before. The toggles will then open up behind the plasterboard to firmly hold the hanger in position.

Those are the step-by-step to install a hook or hanger in your garage. Make sure to do it with care so that your hook and hanger can hold your tools and supplies properly once they are used. Since there are many products available out there, be sure to find the right heavy duty garage hooks.

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